RV Captain’s Log – 2016/06/05 – Goodland, KS to Denver, CO

Miles Traveled: 206.2
Elevation Change: +1,599ft

Made it into Colorado and through Denver without incident
Set up camp at Jefferson County Fairgrounds where we’ll stay for 3 days
Dumped hold tanks before setting up camp
Electric stairs wouldn’t lower, jiggled wire harness and it started working
House batteries hadn’t charged from drive, suspecting issue with dual battery solenoid, did research online
Unloaded tow vehicle and had dinner at Woody’s
Planning day hikes and fun things around Denver area

RV Captain’s Log – 2016/06/04 – Paxico, KS to Goodland, KS

Miles Traveled: 316.7
Elevation Change: +2,690ftWindmills... As far as the eye can see

We traveled across most of Kansas on I-70 today. There were plenty of rest areas; a few of which we used for bathroom breaks and lunch. We met a trucker and his dog named Tammy who wanted to play with Daisy very badly. We imagined that he named her Tammy after his ex wife.

I-70 was in good condition besides a few places with construction. We ran into a pretty stiff headwind in the afternoon which ate into our mileage. The RV often downshifted out of overdrive even on flat ground. The next day, I calculated that our usual 6.5 mpg was reduced to 4.5. The wind was actually bad enough to push the driver’s mirror out of alignment. I tightened it with a hex wrench and didn’t have any more issues.

We dry camped in the Walmart parking lot at Goodland, KS. We called ahead to make sure that they allow overnight parking. There was one other RV in the lot and one or two semi trucks. Plenty of space for us to park over at the side of the lot and stay the night. We easily made it through the night with our onboard water, gas, and house batteries. A little road noise, but not a bad sleep at all.

RV Captain’s Log – 2016/06/03 – Springfield, MO to Paxico, KS

Miles Traveled: 258.8

Nichole saying goodbye to the houseToday we spent the first few hours of the day packing the RV and doing final cleaning of the house. We parked the RV at the Walmart Market, ran some errands, and visited some of Nichole’s family. We left for Kansas City in the early afternoon and stopped in Clinton for gas. We made it through KC near Friday rush hour traffic without issues.

We traveled across I-70 to Paxico, KS where we camped at Mill Creek Campground & RV Park for the night. It was a good overnight campground with gravel sites. Around half of the sites appeared to be filled by regulars who use the creek for fishing and swimming. We saw a heavily tattooed, shirtless guy with American flag swim trunks who we referred to as ‘Merica Dude.